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Our Treatments

The various types of braces available are conventional metal, ceramic, self ligating and lingual braces. The cost of braces depends on the type that the patient chooses with conventional metal braces being the most economical and cost effective and the lingual being the most expensive.

The type of braces you get depends on the extent of treatment:

  • • The severity of your bite or tooth crookedness problems
  • • If extractions are necessary
  • • If jaw growth modification (headgear or special appliances) or surgery is necessary
  • • The amount of time you will need to wear braces
  • • The preferences of your orthodontist

Treatment Options



1. Aesthetic brackets


Blends in with teeth
Do not break or come off easily. Are very strong

White ligatures can stain, which defeats aesthetics
More expensive than traditional metal brackets
Treatment can take a few months longer.
Ceramic brackets can cause enamel to chip and crack on removal

2. Conventional metal brackets



Offers good strength and comfort
Cost effective


Are more visible than ceramic
Less comfortable initially
Tend to irritate gums more than ceramic brackets

3.Lingual Brackets



Not visible to other people


Hurts tongue & speech is difficult
More expensive than traditional metal.
Treatment can take a few longer
Orthodontist must be specially trained in lingual treatment.

4. Self Ligating Brackets



Relatively inexpensive & takes less treatment time than conventional braces
Do not stain with curry, smoking, or black coffee
Are strong & rarely break.


Are more visible than ceramic
Less comfortable initially
Tend to irritate gums more than ceramic brackets.

5. Growth modification for children



Deficiencies in the jaws can be addressed at an early age with the use of growth modification appliances
This prevents the need for surgery at a later stage
Improves facial aesthetics and profile
Enhances function


Requires careful treatment planning
Delayed growth may result in a relapse.
May require surgery later on

6. Orthognathic Surgery



Deficiencies of the jaws can be addressed
Surgery achieves facial balance, stability, good function and aesthetics


Cost more than  traditional braces alone
Requires careful treatment planning
Post operation healing takes longer
Not all patients are willing for surgery